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Death By Comb by Camari Carter (Book Review)

  With a few paint cracks in the cover, my autographed copy of Death by Comb is in excellent, used condition. To me, it looks worn and ragged, but I’m sure no one else would even give it a second thought. I have carried this book on my person daily since I acquired it a week ago. It has moved with me from room-to-room as I complete my daily tasks. You never know when you’ll have a spare second to read. I don’t even break the spine on my books, but that’s another story. This story (review) is about my week on Camari Carter’s journey. Plant (a haiku)  the living room plant forgotten, dry, and withered we are much alike Not that this has anything to do with the content of her work, but I didn’t like the cover art. By the time I had held a book in my hand, I had already heard her perform some of her poetry and had a very brief chat with her. This cover art was not her. I mean, yes, it is a picture of her. But …

Making Lemonade at Home (Music Review)

She must see me as a live oak or a maple tree, sturdy enough to climb all the way to the top. Strong enough to carry her weight, and possibly the weight of all others. Never a hesitation of whether I will catch her as she jumps into my arms. And when I show weakness, physical limitations, she is puzzled. “What’s wrong mommy? Are you ok,” she’ll ask. “Yes, I just need to rest lovie…”

She’s Just Not That Into You (Book Review)

Back in 2006, I read a book called He’s Just Not That Into You, and it sort of changed my life. I came to terms with what was missing in my relationships, I started picking up on signs of disinterest from men, and I found a partner who loved me. We got married in 2009, and have been happy ever since. This is not a review on that book. This is a review on a book of similar title and nature (I’m assuming a play on the 2006 book). She’s Just Not That Into You is Aryka Randall’s first book. She created The Fab Femme Mag in 2010, an online magazine celebrating “feminine lesbian women.” From there, she added youtube content and web-series to her repertoire. I had never heard of Ms. Randall before, but after reading her book, I feel like she is a trusted friend. She wrote as if she was talking directly to me! (Well, to a younger me). Actually, Randall wrote this book with black, queer women in mind. I do not identify as …