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I Used Litsy For 2 Weeks And Here’s What It Did For Me

Litsy is an app created for bookish people to share their bookish thoughts on books.


Challenge Accepted: Reading and Photo Challenges Explained

Every year I make a list of reading goals, but like New Years Resolutions, I don’t always stick to them. It’s usually just read x-number of books and maybe more than last year. For 2016 I decided to have focus and make my hobby more memorable.  2016 Reading Goals Read at least 20 books (more than last year). Buy and read books exclusively by black authors to broaden my own perspective on blackness. Celebrate womanhood by reading mostly books written by black women. Learn about black history from the actual voices of the movements and not abridged commentaries (like news articles or mainstream history books). Add novels to my repertoire because creative writing is another way to express ourselves. Read and review children’s books written by black authors. Children of color are underrepresented in  publication and do not see themselves represented as “normal.” These goals lead me to start Black and Bookish. As I explain in an earlier post, my own miseducation of black literature prompted my #yearofblackbooks. Since then, I have had so much positive feedback, I thought I share …