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Recommendsday at Black and Bookish

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Kings of Earth by Joe Ponder (Book Review)

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. A Life Devoid of Fiction Fiction was my everyday reading, and Science Fiction was usually my pick. I love Sci-Fi. Futuristic, robotic, technological stories are my go-to. Throw in some catastrophic dystopian events, and I am sold. Unfortunately, my life has been lacking in novels for a while. It’s not that I had turned my back on Fiction, I was too busy. I didn’t have the time. I had thesis papers to write and Nonfiction anthologies to annotate. In my youth, I read all kinds of fiction books, for all ages. But once I went off to college, my majors revolved around theories and commentaries which left little space for novels. Now 5 years after my final days of coursework, I’m changing my tune. A New Normal About three months into my #yearofblackbooks project, independent author Joe Ponder emailed me. He asked if I would read and review his new novel, Kings of Earth. I was shocked that anyone would want me to do anything and had a tiny freak out moment. A REQUEST!!! What if I read his book and hated it? What he hated …