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A Look Back: My Day At The 2016 Los Angeles Time’s Festival of Books (Event Review)

*Note: I wrote almost all of this shortly after the Bookfest event in April, but never got around to posting it. Please enjoy my look back at #Bookfest.*


Death by Comb Book Signing at The World Stage in Leimert Park Village (Event Review)

I’m a yes person. I’ll agree to participate in almost any kind of experience, and at 31, it’s been a pretty good way to grow and learn more about the world around me. “Hey, wanna listen to this album?” Sure. “Wanna see this movie?” Of course. “Wanna go to a book signing and release party?” Yes, sign me up! When you have an open mind and see newness as an opportunity, your walk through life is a series of exciting adventures. This mindset leads me to a meet up with friends in Leimert Park of South LA. A friend of a friend, LA local Camari Cater was celebrating the recent publishing of her book Death By Comb. None of this meant anything to me a week ago, but now, I can’t get the uplifting experience out of my head. Although I have lived in the Los Angeles area for almost 10 years, I haven’t ventured far from my home. I don’t live close to the downtown area. People unfamiliar with LA topography don’t understand how big Los Angeles County is. Sometimes a long drive …

“What Does Blackness Mean?” at the Getty (Event Review)

I am no stranger to panel discussions on race. Generally, the talks can center around race relations, cultural aspects, and history of the US. I even attended a lecture in college presented by Jabari Asim on his research in regards to using the N-word. I love lectures and panels, and I find discussions on culture and history fascinating. Over the weekend, I had a bookish afternoon and attended the panel discussion “What Does Blackness Mean?” at The Getty Center in Los Angeles. The panel consisted of Sarah E. Lewis, a Harvard professor of Art History; John Harvel, the author of The Story of Black; and Katrin Trautwein, the founder of a paint company called kt.COLOR. I was unfamiliar with their background and appreciative that each guest had a chance to introduce their work, not just their names. Katrin Trautwein’s company had recently created 12 shades of black paint by mixing various color densities and materials. John Harvel gave us a condensed version of his book, a historical look at how people interacted with the color black in …

Visiting the Vintage Paperback Collector’s Show and Sale (Event Review)

A couple of friends have been cheering me on as I get Black and Bookish off the ground, so when they heard about the 37th Annual Vintage Paperback Collector’s Show and Sale (what a mouthful!), they were eager to bring me along. All they knew is that there would be people selling old books, so that’s all I knew. 37th annual? How had I never heard of this? There was a moderate-sized crowd; people moved slowly from table to table to investigate the textures and titles. I wandered the floor for a bit, not really knowing what to look for. I didn’t have a plan going in- something I will try to avoid for future events. Most of the time, I followed around my friends like a little puppy. They were looking for very specific book editions and appeared much more put-together than I felt. I probably wasn’t noticed at all, but I felt like everyone knew I was an imposter. What did I know of vintage paperbacks? Nothing. I would pick up a book here or touch a shelf …