Month: April 2016

Making Lemonade at Home (Music Review)

She must see me as a live oak or a maple tree, sturdy enough to climb all the way to the top. Strong enough to carry her weight, and possibly the weight of all others. Never a hesitation of whether I will catch her as she jumps into my arms. And when I show weakness, physical limitations, she is puzzled. “What’s wrong mommy? Are you ok,” she’ll ask. “Yes, I just need to rest lovie…”

Top Ten For The Weekend

This is taking the place of Weekly Wrap-Up. It just wasn’t accomplishing my goal of being an “in case you missed it” kind of post. Making the posts were tedious, and somewhat lacking in substance. I spend a lot of my time reading short form articles, and I wanted to bring other perspectives into the blog. Top Ten for the Weekend will be my favorite bookish or informative things from the week. That can include book titles, quotes, articles,  photos, ANYTHING that moved me. Please enjoy the first installment of TTftW: My Sister, She (a poem) by Jasmyne K. Rogers Why We Must Find Space for the Activism of Black Women Academics by Jenn M. Jackson Afro-Zen, The Afro Centric Coloring Book for Grown-ups by Sinai Fleary What Maya Angelou Taught Melissa Harris-Perry About Courage an interview with Rev. Dr. Katharine R. Henderson Newbery Medal Acceptance Speech by Kwame Alexander Why Harriet Tubman on the $20 Matters So Much to Me As a Black Woman by Evette Dionne We all were sadden to hear of the passing of a …

Weekly Wrap-Up 04/15/2016 (Bookfest Edition)

Catch up on what I purchased, what I’ve read, and what’s coming soon… Upcoming:  With such a busy last couple of weeks, I will be spending some time just relaxing and reading over the weekend. I am not even looking for anything to do. The LA Times Festival of Books was amazing and intense, and I need another week to really reflect on my experience. I look lots of pictures, met some great writer, and really enjoyed myself. Wednesday’s post will have all the details.

Visiting the Vintage Paperback Collector’s Show and Sale (Event Review)

A couple of friends have been cheering me on as I get Black and Bookish off the ground, so when they heard about the 37th Annual Vintage Paperback Collector’s Show and Sale (what a mouthful!), they were eager to bring me along. All they knew is that there would be people selling old books, so that’s all I knew. 37th annual? How had I never heard of this? There was a moderate-sized crowd; people moved slowly from table to table to investigate the textures and titles. I wandered the floor for a bit, not really knowing what to look for. I didn’t have a plan going in- something I will try to avoid for future events. Most of the time, I followed around my friends like a little puppy. They were looking for very specific book editions and appeared much more put-together than I felt. I probably wasn’t noticed at all, but I felt like everyone knew I was an imposter. What did I know of vintage paperbacks? Nothing. I would pick up a book here or touch a shelf …

Weekly Wrap-Up 04/08/16

Catch up on what I purchased, what I’ve read, and what’s coming soon… Upcoming:  This weekend is the Los Angles Times Festival of books and I am beyond excited! I went last year and was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do with myself. This year, I have scoped out the schedule and have more of a plan. Look for update on Instagram and Twitter!