Month: February 2016

What Made Me Go “All Black?”

These ideas are seen as very strong assertions, and in all instances, spoke to the larger assumptions on what is mainstream, what is or is not not acceptable, and how our perceptions of the world are shaped by our literary consumption.


Welcome to Black and Bookish

Every book I’ve ever read has made some connection to me, even on a superficial level. As I have gotten older, what I thought to be similarities between me and some of my favorite books, are connections through shared stories. This is not to say all women, or black women, or black people, or moms, or people over thirty, etc… are monolithic at all. What it says is that stories are powerful, and I want to share my story with you, through the books that have moved me. Since books are not written or read in a vacuum, appreciation happens when you understand the context to past experiences and social norms. I believe books come into our lives at just the right moment, filling a need we were not even aware we had. I buy more books than I can consume, and even though a title may sit on my shelf, unread (sometimes for years), I know that when I finally do, it will be at just the right time. I don’t believe you can read a book at the wrong time. I started this site to highlight …